Many do-it-yourself landlords are unaware of the liabilities and unique predicaments they may find themselves subject to during the cycle of their tenant’s residency. A professional property management company can guide you through these unique situations and mitigate any stress or potential financial catastrophes.

Industry Knowledge

The rental industry is constantly evolving. Our company maintains memberships with several organizations that provide us with up-to-date information regarding existing and proposed industry laws and regulations. We conduct annual Fair Housing training for all staff members to ensure that we operate under the latest standards and guidelines at all times.

Repairs and Emergencies

An investment rental property provides the property owner with long-term equity and, ideally, supplemental income. However, unexpected repairs and emergencies can also create headaches. As a do-it-yourself landlord, your tenant has a direct line of communication with you at all times. Water heater goes out at 11:00pm? Your telephone rings. Oven stops working during the holidays? Your telephone rings. As your property manager, we act as a middle-man between you and your tenant. Your tenant will never have your home address or contact information. We handle all work orders, including those unexpected late night emergencies. Our 24 hour emergency service means your property is in good hands at all times.

Tenant Screening

Reviewing credit reports, verifying income, consulting with prior landlords – there are quite a few dots to connect when screening a tenant. We are so confident in our tenant-screening process that we guarantee it. If we have to evict your new tenant for non-payment of rent within the first six months of their residency, we will cover the associated attorney fees.

Speaking of eviction…

The dreaded E word – a landlord’s nightmare. The eviction process is extremely intricate and can be rather intimidating for even the most experienced landlord. From the moment your tenant misses their first rent payment to the moment you regain possession of the property, there are hundreds of ways a do-it-yourself landlord can unwittingly lose the case for themselves. Our company has a team of experienced real estate and rental industry attorneys on our side who share their knowledge with us and, if need be, fight for our clients in court.

These are just a few of the ways a professional property manager can make your role as a landlord easier. Give us a call today to find out more about our services!